Who We Are

At The Setup, we believe that there’s a science behind lasting love. That’s why our entire expert staff is trained and certified by both the Global Love Institute and The Love Doctor® herself, Dr. Terri Orbuch. Our matchmaking philosophy is rooted in years of scientific research on healthy relationships, love, and attraction, ensuring the highest possible success rate for our clients. We also proudly employ two Master Certified Matchmakers—more than any other company in the world.

At The Setup, we go the extra mile. Think of your matchmaker as a best friend, therapist, wingman, researcher, coach, stylist, and agent–all wrapped up in one. We do everything we can to help our clients find their special someone.

The Setup Team


Charlee is one of 12 Master Certified Matchmakers in the world and has had a hand in introducing thousands of happy couples by building the largest network of female-owned and operated matchmaking firms in the world. When she is not running her matchmaking businesses, she enjoys riding her mule in the Sonoran desert.


Genevieve is one of only 12 Master Certified Matchmakers in the world. She has spent over 25 years coaching, mentoring, and matching single professionals all around the world. Gen’s #CelebCrush is Regé-Jean Page as the Duke of Hastings in Bridgerton.


As the head of Matchmaking at The Setup, Marie believes everyone deserves to find The One. Equipped with years of training, experience, and a strong track record of success stories, Marie does everything she can to find the right person for her clients. For Marie, true love isn’t just something to see in movies, but something her clients can find their lives, too.


Heather is a Certified Matchmaker and Science-Based Certified Dating Coach with over 13 years of experience and proven results. In Heather’s perfect world, every dish would come topped with cheese.


Jesse has a natural ability to connect with people. His friends describe him as warm, reliable, silly, compassionate, and giving—all traits that have defined his career as a Matchmaker. Jesse devotes much of his free time to studying emotional intelligence.


Megan has been a Matchmaker for over a decade. She loves to help her clients get out of their own way and introduce them to people they never considered before. Megan owns a small business as a side hustle #GirlBoss


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Kathrine has been a Matchmaker for over a decade. She studied cultural anthropology in college, and says this helped her become a better Matchmaker. She loves working with all kinds of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Kathrine has two cats and a dog—Cheddar, Pepper, and Scarlet!


With a background in both psychology and sociology, Dawn takes a scientific approach to matchmaking. As a Certified Matchmaker and Dating Coach, Dawn uses her expertise to support her clients throughout their journey to love. To Dawn, nothing’s more satisfying than watching her own client walk down the aisle to begin their life of happily ever after!