Dear Readers,

It is with immense excitement that I am delighted to report that the new season of Bridgerton is underway.

Viewers take to their seats with anticipation as we watch the new season’s story unfold. There are many lessons to be taken from the first episodes. I am here to draw a comparison from dating the Bridgerton way to dating during 2022.

Let us begin…

Don’t Meddle it will end in disaster, leave the professionals to do their job!

Firstly, there will always be those who want to control your love life. In this season, we see lady Philippa Featherington married off by her mother who takes the lead role as a meddling matchmaker. The question of her dowry becomes a thorn in her mother’s side until the new lord Feathrington miraculously appears and comes to the rescue, but not is all as it seems! With a lack of communication and transparency between the two a charade unfolds in the orangery which could lead to the downfall of the family in dramatic fashion… or does it?

Continuing on the matchmaker front, the Queen takes this role very seriously. By choosing Miss Edwina Sharma as her Diamond after some gentle persuasion by her fellow matchmaker Lady Danbury, she sets about to find a suitor of nobility and standing. It seems she will stop at nothing to not only get her wed but play wedding organizer too. This amount of meddling will surely lead to disaster! The reason we modern-day matchmakers do all the training and development we do, is simple. We ensure we make good matches that are equal on both sides. There is no point encouraging a union when one party is more invested or has more to gain. This will surely lead to disaster.

Is it lust or love?

This is always one of the biggest questions we are asked and our coaches spend hundreds of hours decoding clients’ dilemmas in this area. Do you believe in love at first sight or lust at first sight? Lord Bridgerton and Kate seem to lead us merry viewers on a journey between the two. There are those of us who are cynical, we may think this pair is drawn together with sexual sizzle and a wanton lust for the forbidden! Those romantics amongst us will see the passion, desire, and genuine want for these two to get their happy ever after! This isn’t the only forbidden or complex love match that exists this season.

Recognize when you are wearing rose-tinted glasses and take them off in time to overt heartbreak and disaster.

Will Penelope’s secret stay just that and will she finally get her man? Her romantic hopes are raised as the younger Bridgerton brother, Colin returns from his travels with tales from Greece. Will he finally remove his rose-tinted glasses after a failed trip to reignite things with his old love interest Miss Marina Thompson, will Pen get her man? Why are love and relationships so complex? Some things don’t change with time. I fear we seem to learn less about love but be drawn more to lust in the modern age. This is just one of the many reasons relationships still fail! That, and marrying the sensible choice that everyone has a handle on creating.

The moral of this: less is more. Less meddling, less overthinking, and less drama. When you go into a relationship to do the right thing or to please others, you invariably end up hurting everyone and being left with a lot of cleaning up to do!