It’s tough out there for singles.

In today’s digital dating scene, singles are still finding it harder than ever to settle into long, lasting relationships.

Thankfully, there’s hope. Since the dawn of time, matchmakers have been playing cupid and coupling up singles into perfect pairs.

Nowadays, it’s no different. Matchmaking continues to be the most efficient and effective way for singles to find love.

Here to break down the benefits of matchmaking is Master-Certified Matchmaker and Vice President of The Setup, Genevieve Gresset.

With ​​over 25 years coaching, mentoring, and matching single professionals all around the world, Gresset knows a thing or two about matchmaking.

Thinking about joining The Setup? Here’s Genevieve Gresset’s top 10 reasons why Matchmaking is the right move for you.

1. You’ll have a higher chance of finding love

With a dating pool filled to the brim with emotionally-unavailable partners, the search for suitable singles seems impossible nowadays. Thankfully, matchmaking makes finding love easier.

“Singles who choose matchmaking are three times more likely to find a worthwhile partner than if they were to go about it on their own,” says Gresset.

Unlike other forms of dating, matchmaking cuts straight to the point. For singles who are serious about commitment, it’s the best way to go.

2. You’ll save time, energy and money

Between swiping, ghosting, being left on read–modern dating is far from fun. Finding a quality partner on a dating app or online service takes forever, and all the work is left up to you.

“For singles, the dating process goes something like this,” explains Gresset. “They’ll spend hours swiping left and right on dating apps, selecting matches mostly based on superficial qualities. If they do match with someone, they will text for a bit, and then, if things seem to be good, schedule a real date.”

Simple enough, right?

Well, no.

“This process can take weeks, if not months,” says Gresset, “leaving singles discouraged when there turns out to be no chemistry in person. This method of dating is simply a waste of time and effort.”

According to Gresset, singles are tired of spending so much of their time, energy and money on lousy dates.

There is a solution. “Matchmakers are scheduling masterminds,” says Gresset. She’s right. Once signing up for The Setup, your personal matchmaker takes over all the details of dating so you can sit back, relax, and focus on being in the moment.

What do you have to do? Gresset puts it plainly: “Just show up!”

3. All your dates will actually look like their profile pictures

They say that there are a lot of fish in the sea, but it doesn’t help when the sea is polluted with dirty, slimy catfish.

There’s nothing worse than investing time, energy, and emotional labor into someone, only for them to turn out to be a liar. Did you know that 53 percent of Americans lie on their dating profiles? Even scarier, a large chunk of those fake profiles are designed to scam singles out of their money, private pictures, or other tricks that could come back to bite you.

Tired of catching catfish? It’s time to hang up the fishing rod and go out with singles who have nothing to hide.

4. You don’t have to go through dating alone

Getting back into the dating game after months (or years) spent out of it can be challenging–especially if you’re naturally introverted or shy. If you’re having a tough time getting back out there, a matchmaker might be just who you need.

According to Gresset, the biggest hurdle many singles face is getting over the fear of dating. “Meeting someone new can be stressful,” she says. “My job is to help my clients feel comfortable enough to actually enjoy the dates they’re on.

As a matchmaker, Gresset takes the awkwardness out of introductions.

And if the date goes well?

Matchmakers like Gresset are still there to help singles as they progress throughout all stages of their relationship. “As personalized dating coaches, we’re there to hold your hand throughout the entire dating process,” she says. “We can be as involved or distant as you prefer us to be.”

5. You’ll meet people outside of your normal social circle

“When you’re single, everyone has an opinion,” says Gresset. “Friends and family are quick to share how, who, and why you should date certain people–whether or not they are actually right for you.” For singles just trying their best to find love, being set up with a ‘friend of a friend’ might seem like the easiest way to go.

According to the experts, going out within your tired and true social circle only keeps you stuck in the same old dating disasters.

“While the advice of others can often be very helpful,” says Gresset, “too many unwelcomed opinions tend to muddy the playing field and usually don’t result in finding lasting partnership.”

Though well-intentioned, the advice of loved ones often conflicts with itself, leaving singles confused and wasting too much time dating the wrong people.
“Matchmakers, on the other hand, are neutral,” says Gresset. “Unlike family members or friends, matchmakers have no vested interests in who you date.”

Looking to be set up with someone totally different yet totally right? It’s the matchmaker’s job to make that happen.

6. It’s discrete

Have you ever been swiping through Tinder just to see the profile of your co-worker? Or even worse, your boss? (Be honest, you swiped right, didn’t you?)

You know those “meet cutes” in romantic comedies when the guy and the girl happen to accidentally run into each other on the street?

Well, virtually bumping into your coworkers, or other IRL acquaintances, on a dating app is the exact opposite of that. Basically, it’s the definition of awkward.

Thankfully, The Setup is different.

“Unlike online dating where your information is shared all over the internet,” says Gresset, “our process is completely discreet and confidential.”

7. Every date is designed for success

Picture this: you’re on a date and you two seem to be really hitting it off. You’re two hours into conversation and laughing, flirting, and having a great time. You’re already planning your wedding day when suddenly they say something that catches you totally off-guard.

Sound familiar?

“Traditional dating often doesn’t give couples the opportunity to share their thoughts on politics, religion, or life goals, until it’s far too late,” says Gresset.

With a matchmaker, this disappointment can be easily avoided.

“We do all the digging on your matches so you don’t have to,” she says. “That way, clients can show up to their dates confident that they have every chance to succeed if the feelings are there.”

A matchmaker does all of the research ahead of time so you don’t waste energy with someone who absolutely could not be a potential partner.

8. All your dates are safe

Whether online or in the real world–dating is dangerous. Ever heard of Ted Bundy?! Whether through the screen or face-to-face at a bar, it’s not exactly safe to be talking to a stranger.

With matchmaking, that fear can be relieved from the dating process. “All of our clients go through a thorough screening process before being approved for our services,” says Gresset. “Everyone is vetted and safe to date.”

9. We challenge you to push go outside of your comfort zone

Look, we get it. Dating is not easy. According to Gresset, pre-date jitters are one of the leading reasons singles stay stuck in dating ruts. “Sometimes, just the idea of meeting someone new will make my clients feel anxious,” she says.

For matchmakers like Gresset, moments like these are simply opportunities for growth. “We want our clients to progress past the obstacles that were holding them back before,” she says. “At The Setup, we give singles the security they need to date with confidence, to believe in the process, and to believe in themselves.”

10. Working with a professional dating coach helps you become a better partner

“In order to find the right one,” says Gresset, “you first have to be the right one. That’s our motto at The Setup.” She has a point. Studies show that relationships have a higher chance of success when both partners are emotionally prepared enough to be in them. According to Gresset, working with a dating coach is one of the best ways to grow as a partner. “Coaches help you attract a quality partner, break free from bad dating habits, and so much more,” she says.

Who better to learn from than an expert on love? Each coach at The Setup is certified by the Global Love Institute and the “Love Doctor,” herself, ​​research scientist and therapist, Dr. Terry Orbuck.

“Our entire coaching philosophy is backed by science, based on 30 years of research on real life couples,” says Gresset. “We use science to help our clients find love and grow within healthy, lasting relationships.”

Matchmaking works

If you’re single and tired of mingling, a matchmaker is the best bet to finding lasting love. As a dating service that combines coaching, matchmaking, and an exclusive member’s portal, The Setup is in a league of its own.

Ready to have better dates, fall in love, and find The One? Get set up and join The Setup today!